16th DSA Biennial National Conference

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 


The DSA Board notes that this is a sad week. Today, there is a memorial services for George Floyd, an innocent black man who was kneeled to his last breath by a white policeman. It was not the first one. Similar actions by police happened many times in the past and racism continues. When will racism stop? What is our role? Should we be passive when people around us practice racism? Enough is enough! It is our responsibility to speak out and stop racism. America is for people of all colors. United, we stay strong!

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Please include American Sign Language Interpreters in your very important, nationally televised COVID-19 Task Force updates...Sign and share this petition!

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NAD/DSA Task Force with NASADHH

We need your involvement. Please do the survey for NAD/DSA on seniors needs and concerns.

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Your Rights

Empowerment for Deaf, DeafBlind, and DeafDisabled seniors will include equality under the law, freedom of speech, respect for privacy, the right to both marriage and family, the right to continuing education, the right to health, and much more.


DSA will provide equipment aids and services for people with communication disabilities, such as sign language interpreters for Deaf people and Braille text for Deaf people with visual impairments. DSA will continue to advocate for modifying policies so that persons with disabilities have equal access.

Deaf History

The website will include articles and videos related to both Deaf Culture and History.

Your Finance

Finance is a general term that describes activities related to banking, leverage or debt, credit, capital markets, cash, and investments. Money management broadly refers to the process of budgeting, investing, saving, and spending one's finances. Articles warning about financial abuse are also included.

Seniors Centers & Housing

The DSA website will be setting up four regional areas. Under each region there will be a list of Deaf Senior Centers and Housing.

Your Travel

The world is a beautiful place and we all should see as much of it as we can in our lifetimes. As a senior citizen, you've earned your time to travel. Aging has its perks. Whether you're traveling by car, plane, ship or train, it's essential to know what assistance, discounts, and benefits are available to you.

Your Technology

Every day technology becomes more helpful for seniors. Take advantage of innovations that help you age in place quickly. Technology provides a fast track to medical services, food delivery services, entertainment, and social media. We need to be aware of spamming, phishing, and other technological malware.

Your Wellenss

This site is about maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. There are checklists and other tools to help you learn about your emotional, physical, social, and environmental well-being as well as food and nutrition to maintain good health.

Our mission has us committed to enriching the lives of Deaf senior citizens and our members.

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Deaf Seniors of America and its local chapters provides resources for communication access, health, education, and social support, all towards enriching your golden years.

About DSA

Learn more about our unique community, language and cultural needs, Deaf Seniors of America organization itself, and meet its current board members.

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