What is ErrandFolks? We have the answers for you!

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What is ErrandFolks? We have the answers for you!

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What is ErrandFolks? We are a volunteer based service that provides assistance to Deaf elders and people with health risks during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of them are at risk to go out and collect their groceries or do any type of errands, and we want to help remove that fear. If you need grocery shopping, The ErrandFolks got you! We only can’t pick up prescriptions.

How does it all work? Our ultimate goal is to keep this simple and sweet for all of you! First, you will need to send an email to info@ErrandFolks.com that you need support. We will respond with a few questions (your location/what you need/where we find them/when need it) Then we will send out confidential information to our folks in your location to see who is available to help you. When we have an ErrandFolk ready to support you, they will be connected with you to work together to get your errands done.

For payment, there are two options. First, an ErrandFolk can pay for your items, then you reimburse them. The reimbursement can be via electronic transfer or cash, it will be decided between the client and ErrandFolk. Second option: the client pays in advance, then an ErrandFolk will share the receipt and reimburse the difference.

I want to emphasize the importance of social distancing. The client can give special instructions on where to drop off their order (i.e. front door, backyard or etc.) Please be sure to keep your distance from each other.

ErrandFolks is a very new service (4 days old). Established on March 14th. We are open to any feedback/suggestions. Please feel free to send an email to Info@ErrandFolks.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay Healthy! We are here for you!

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