What Impact will Mail Service Slowdown have on Senior Citizens?

My name is Alfred Sonnenstrahl, DSA President.

Lately, there was a lot talk about Mail Service Slowdown. My concern is what will it have on us, senior citizens?

We, senior citizens, rely on mail to receive social security checks on time. What will happen if these checks were delayed? Large percentage receive medicine through mail service, especially during Covid-19. Many medicines are temperature sensitive. If medicines are delayed, especially during a heat wave, will these medicines spoil? I get my prescribed eye drops through mail. If they spoil, will they cause harm on my eyes and make me deafblind? Senior citizens rely on receiving social security checks on time to make payments. Will senior citizens be forced to pay late fees for not paying bills on time?

It is strongly recommended that you tell your congresspeople and senators to make sure ALL of our mails are being delivered with no delays.

Thank you.

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