Use Common Sense

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Today is Memorial Day. It is a scary time. Approximately 100,000 people have died because of COVID-19. What is more scary is the confusion between politicians and scientists. Politicians are more concerned about the economy while scientists and doctors are concerned about our health. Politicians, whether Republicans or Democrats, believe their chances of winning re-elections would improve if the economy improves. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is composed of scientists and doctors who are non-partisan. Since CDC is a federal agency under the control of the president, their voices are less clear. It is strongly recommended that you use your common sense and keep on doing the following:

  1. Keep zooming with your families and friends;
  2. Do some walking outside and wear face masks at all times;
  3. Develop a grocery list, pick items from the shelves, and leave the store quickly instead of wasting time and risking physical contacts with other people;
  4. Remain at least 6 feet from other people;
  5. Since it is evident that workers in many meat factory plants have the coronavirus, it is strongly recommended that we avoid meats; and
  6. Listen to scientists and doctors, not politicians.

Be safe! Be well!

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