Obituary: Richard Bonheyo

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Richard Milton Bonheyo
1934 – 2022

Richard Milton “Bon” Bonheyo, age 88 formerly of Surprise, Arizona passed away peacefully on October 26, 2022.

Richard is preceded in death by his mother, Mary, and father, Milton. Richard is survived by his wife Lucretia; four children, Bill (Melissa), Andy (Lori), Becky (Walter) and Jerry; along with 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Richard was accepted to Gallaudet University. However, he lacked the financial resources to get there. Thankfully, a generous individual from the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf provided Richard twenty dollars for the train ride where he met Lucretia, the love of his life. This one chance encounter led to a life that included 64 years of marriage and three subsequent generations.

Richard’s forty years of teaching at the Minnesota and California Schools for the Deaf enriched the lives of so many by providing encouragement, purpose and direction. We are very grateful to all the students, who have acknowledged his positive impact in their lives. Richard was very active in multiple associations serving a variety of roles such as President, Vice President or Treasurer to improve and enrich the deaf community. His leadership and community involvement led to the betterment of all.

Richard, you are loved, and your loss is heartfelt. We will always remember you as a man of honor and distinction. You always provided support and guidance. Your love and generosity brought comfort. We will miss your laughter and humorous stories. We are so blessed to have
had you in our lives.

Anyone wishing to donate on behalf of Richard can do so at:
DSA (Deaf Seniors of America); Deaf History Fund
c/o Michael Lockhart
5619 Ainsley Ct.
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

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