NADvlogs – Writing to your legislators

VIDEO DESC & TRANSCRIPT: Anna is in front of a black background. The NAD logo is on the upper right corner.

ANNA: Advocacy letters are used to inform and advocate for your rights to effective communication. So, for example you can use one of the advocacy letters to request interpreter at the hospital.You can bring a print out of a letter that is specific to your situation. The letter will explain the Doctor’s responsibility to provide effective communication. The NAD has provided several advocacy letters that can be used for various situations such as Doctor’s office, Hospital, Nursing Home, Courtroom, Theater, Concert, and more — all available online.

Video fades to the NAD logo with #TipTuesday hashtag as a lightly transparent circle of dashes surrounding the logo and hashtag increases in size, “tuesday” is in blue while “tip” is in red.

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