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Welcome to the NAD & DSA 2019 Survey Project.

MELISSA: Welcome to the NAD-DSA 2019 Survey project! The goal of the Task Force on Aging is to learn about the demographics of Deaf Seniors and how they make decisions as well as their living situations. Our goal is to include responses from as many deaf and hard of hearing people ages 50 and up. In our NAD-DSA task force meetings, we learned that:

  1. Many deaf people have not prepared for their golden years.
  2. Many deaf people have a hard time finding senior resources that fit their needs.
  3. Many deaf people have communication issues in health care and senior care.

By completing this survey, you will help us learn different geographical challenges and perceptions. We will share the results in 2020. You and your community can use this to develop plans for programs, grants, training, and laws to ensure Deaf Seniors get the services they deserve. Your participation is voluntary, and your responses will be kept private under NAD-DSA Task Force on Aging. Names or email addresses will never be collected. Your answers cannot be connected to any other information that could identify you. If you have any questions about the survey, you can call the NAD Front Desk at 301-587-1788. Thank you for contributing to this important study!

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