ERRANDFOLKS is getting bigger and stronger. Need more volunteers to help the seniors

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Errand Folks is a volunteer-based platform providing services to the Deaf elderly and Deaf community whose health is currently at-risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are afraid and cannot go out to shop for food. Don’t worry because you can contact Errand Folks with 65+ volunteers all over the United States and they’re happy to help!

They can be reached at this e-mail:

Thanks to Myles Goldberg’s efforts, ErrandFolks is composed of deaf volunteers all over the country who will do the shopping and delivering the food to your doorsteps at no additional costs to deaf seniors who are being quarantined by coronavirus. All you have to is to contact ErrandFolks at, for assistance.

DSA has agreed to collect donations to cover personal expenses made by volunteer-based ErrandFolks. Please send checks payable to DSA with the name of ErrandFolks written on the memo line to Michael Lockhart who is the treasurer of DSA. Thanks a million for your help!

Michael Lockhart, DSA Treasurer
5619 Ainsley Ct,
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

DSA 2023 Hollywood, FL Raffle

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