DSA and CDC Covid guidelines

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DSA and board hopes members and friends follow CDC Covid guidelines. Go to CDC.govMy name is Alfred Sonnenstrahl. I’m the president of DSA.

There is a lot of confusion related with the COVID-19 virus. Some people wear face masks. Some won’t. Those who won’t say they would sue for their right not to wear face masks.

Charts show that new virus cases in the USA are continuing to rise while the numbers in other countries continue to decline.

Is it because we have 50 states and DC setting up different policies that create confusion?

Medical doctors have claimed that if they told their patients the same information that politicians told the public – “You don’t have to wear face masks and you don’t have to practice social distancing” – they would have lost their medical licenses.

After some research, it appears that Fox News may have kept millions from taking the virus seriously.

It is strongly recommended that you ignore what politicians say and listen to public health personnel or go to www.cdc.gov.
Please wear face masks. Practice social distancing.  Stay well.

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