DSA 2021 Pittsburgh Registration

Hello DSA members, registrants, and others,

My name is Jeff Janaszek and I am the co-chair of DSA 2021 Pittsburgh conference. The other co-chair is Chris Noschese.

I am pleased to announce that our conference planning is going very well. Everybody on our team are working very hard. We plan great workshops, tours, evening activities, and other events.

All of us are being affected by corona virus COVID-19 and it is causing many interruptions to our life style. Many events have been cancelled or postponed and so on.

As I have mentioned above, DSA 2021 Pittsburgh conference is still on. It is just 14 months away. We know some of you are concerned about coming to Pittsburgh next year and may want to cancel registration.

Like many other businesses and organizations, if you cancel your registration the $100 cancellation fee will be deducted from your registration. This policy is clearly stated on the registration form. Full refund will be given if the Hotel cancels the event due to COVID-19 or another major pandemic appears.

It is too early to cancel because of COVID-19. We strongly recommend that you do not cancel and to wait for further notice. We would hate for you to lose your $100 and then you may want to register again and pay the higher registration fee. The $100 cancellation fee is in effect until June 30, 2021. We need to consistent and also be fair to everybody so there is no waiver of $100 cancellation penalty except for terminal illness or death.

We also want to let you know that the rate of COVID-19 illnesses and deaths in Pittsburgh has been very low.

Thank you for your attention and your understanding .

Please be safe!