COVID-19 Video-Based Telehealth Accessibility

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During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it may not be safe to go to your doctor’s office — even for a routine visit. Your doctor may ask you to stay home and discuss your health through video conferencing — this is called “telehealth.” Even though your appointment is done virtually, your doctor must still provide you with an interpreter or captioning so you can understand your doctor during your appointment. The best way for you to use telehealth is for you to see your doctor, the interpreter, and/or captions on the same screen. However, doctors have varying telehealth systems — do you know what you can request and what your doctors are still required to provide during the pandemic?

To address this concern, a coalition of deaf and hard of hearing consumer advocacy organizations, deaf healthcare providers, and other experts worked together to provide special guidelines for deaf and hard of hearing people and healthcare providers to use during the coronavirus pandemic.


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