DSA Biennial National Conference

Our biennial conferences provide educational sessions, activities, and great opportunities for Deaf senior citizen to connect with each other. Every conference is hosted in a new city and region, providing members with the opportunity to explore a new location each conference with guided tours. Our conferences are hosted on odd-numbered years. We strive to provide an optimal, interactive environment for deaf senior citizens where full access is given for all.

We welcome everyone and value inclusiveness. Come to join us and our community at our next conference!

Deaf Seniors of America Biennial Conference

Anyone Can Attend

Registration is open to individuals of all ages and membership status.

Learn Through Sessions

A variety workshop topics give plenty of options to learn.

Entertaining Schedule

A full schedule of entertainment, banquets, reunions and more.

Explore New Cities

Optional guided group tours and opportunities to see landmarks.

15th DSA Biennial National Conference

Seattle, WA | September 2-8


Past Conferences

Update on DSA Seattle by Ellen Scheppach / chair

Update from DSA Seattle News from Ellen Scheppach Happy New Year! Gone is the old one: we can look to the year our DSA 2019 Seattle Conference will shortly be held, September 2 – 8, 2019. Did you know that Sheraton Seattle Hotel is now dubbed as Sheraton Grand Seattle Hotel, which has recently amalgamated with the Marriott Enterprises? For our own purposes, Sheraton Grand continues to honor our contract with them. Now mere months behind the dates we have our eyes set on, the capacity at the hotel has reached 70%. There is still ample time, if not having done so, to make your reservations. Simply go to our website: dsa2019seattle.org/hotel and reserve your rooms at $209 per night online. Begin with checking in on Tuesday, September 3rd and checking out, Sunday, September 8th. The Conference program actually begins on Tuesday, September 3rd. Are you interested in listening in at the DSA Board’s meeting? Open door to the public, it starts at 9:00am that day. The Deaf Open Forum begins right after Ms. Donna DiMarco’s welcome speech at 1:30pm. At the Forum, the DSA Board officers plan to introduce the making of NAD/DSA Task Force and the restructuring of the DSA organizational format. Sherri Collins, President of National Association of State Agencies of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (NASADHH), will then resume the floor and speak of what State representatives have on senior housing. (A separate program is set for Wednesday afternoon,1:00pm, where Sherri Collins, as chair, will solicit feedback from the audience on issues of paramount concerns in topics such as seniors’ health care, service providing, housing, etc. Can she count on you to come to partake in the worthy discussion?) The website dsa2019seattle.org/schedule has flyers depicting a variety of events during the conference. Along with the