LifeLine for Deaf People by Al Sonnenstrahl

A legend!  With people reflecting the history of teleytpe (tty) Alfred Sonnenstrahl , former TDI Executive Director, and Steve Brenner, former TDI Agent, created this brief video "Lifeline for Deaf…

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NAD Legislative Tips

Make your "voice" heard among legislators. Advice on how to be more politically active with your concerns that are affected by new policies. Legislators propose a lot of bills and…

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Using the Word, “Deaf Mute”

  • Post Category:News Updates

Dear Media: Stop Describing the Deaf as ‘Mute’ By Lydia L. Callis - Huff Post . Dec. 2017 An unusual tale about a young Indian woman named Geeta has been…

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New Medicaid Card

Medicare Issuing New ID Cards in 2018 Removing Social Security numbers to prevent identity theft Medicare ID cards will remove Social Security numbers in 2018. Medicare is preparing to stop…

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