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For nearly three decades, Deaf Seniors of America, Inc. has been committed to serving the Deaf senior community by providing practical resources, support, and opportunities for personal and professional connections. Our mission in enriching the lives of Deaf senior citizens is made possible by contributions from membership dues. Becoming a member today grants you a two-year membership with DSA.

This includes a subscription to our quarterly New Horizons magazine along with access to a thriving community of Deaf senior citizens from all across the nation. This means new and exciting opportunities for new personal and professional relationships. If you’d like to get involved in our mission of working for the common goals among deaf seniors.  Join us!

$30.00 for 2 years

Deaf Seniors of America, Inc. (DSA) is a nonprofit consumer-based national organization that promotes welfare and networking of deaf seniors above the age of 50 years old. Membership benefits include but not limited to the following:

  • Full access to our website,;
  • Access to photo and video archives of deaf history;
  • Access to biennial national conferences;
  • Receive quarterly New Horizon magazines;
  • Access to directory of local senior clubs;
  • Access to programs designed for deaf seniors such as finances, travel, health and wellness; and
  • Equal access in housing and caregiving.

If you prefer to pay via check, download and fill out the membership application, and make your check payable to Deaf Seniors of America, Inc. then mail both together to:

Deaf Seniors of America, Inc.
Michael Lockhart, Treasurer
5619 Ainsley Ct
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

DSA 2023 Hollywood, FL Raffle

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